Greetings in Spanish, saying hello when meet a known person

When you meet a known person, it is educational to say hello, greetings
Say goodbye are used when you stop talking to a person. Post to learn how to say goodbye in Spanish

Let’s learn how to say hello in Spanish, greetings, initial Spanish conversation

Video to learn Greetings in Spanish

Greetings in Spanish, video to lerarn Spanish

Greetings expressions in Spanish

Informal greetins: Hola 

The most used and expression to greet someone in Spanish is Hola. (Like hi, hello)

It is usually followed by a question: Hola ¿cómo estás?, hola ¿qué tal? (Hello, how are you?, what’s up?)
The other person usually responds bien, y tú? (fine, and you?) It may not be really fine at that time, but it is the traditional way to greet someone and start a conversation.


Sample greeting conversation with Hello:

  • Tio Spanish: ¡Hola!
  • Lola: Hola, ¿que tal?
  • Tio Spanish: Bien, ¿y tú?
  • Lola: ¡Muy bien!
  • Tio Spanish: me alegro de verte….

Buenos días, buenas tardes, buenas noches

They are usually used in a more formal context. They can go with Hola (hola, buenas tardes) or they can be said alone

They are used according to the part of the day we are:


  • Buenos días (Good morning): from the sun rises until noon (7h-13h)
  • Buenas tardes (Good afternoon) From noon until dusk (13h-19h approx.)
  • Buenas noches (Good evening): when it’s night (8pm-7am)

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Los saludos en español segun la hora

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